Life Insurance

Other people rely on you. And no people rely on you more than your family. If you die unexpectedly, it’s unbearable to realise that your family couldn’t cope financially without you and that they’d be at risk of losing everything. The important things – including the house and the car – could be permanently taken away from your loved ones because your income suddenly stops. For a surprisingly manageable amount each month, life insurance will provide your family with the protection it needs from the severe and financial pressures caused by your death. There are 8.5m breadwinners right now in the UK without life insurance (1). Please don’t be one of them. Call Lend 4 to take out the most competitively-priced and comprehensive life insurance policy for your family – right away. Notes: (1) Comparethemarket survey as reported on Moneywise



Did you know that, in August 2018, the average outstanding mortgage debt on UK properties was £124,732 (2) but that 42% of all mortgage holders have no life insurance (3)? Your life insurance policy could pay your mortgage off in its entirety meaning that your remaining spouse and family members could afford to continue living in the property. Notes: (2) Credit Connect report on “The Money Statistics October 2018  (3)FT Advisor article.


Your life insurance policy will pay out on your death and it’s of critical importance to make sure that, when arranging your policy, that it’s your loved ones who will receive the payment. Let us know who the money should go to, how much you want your family to receive and whether you want that amount to reduce in line with the amount outstanding on your mortgage.


How much does life insurance cost? There are number of important factors including the size of the pay-out, whether it reduces over time, how old you are, how healthy you are, your lifestyle in general, and your family medical history. Each life insurer prices risk differently and we make sure your policy is with the one which most favours your personal situation.


Getting the right life insurance policy is straightforward. Get in touch with us as soon as you can and remember that it’s possible to insure your spouse or civil partner on the same policy. Ask us about critical illness cover, terminal illness cover, and more. We’ll do our very best to make the process as quick and simple as possible to provide you with the affordable cover you need.